2010 - Present

2016: On February 24th, MCUW donors voted to approve a merger between Montgomery County United Way and United Way of Greater Houston. The decision was largely based on the ability to create more resources and improve more lives across then entire region. Montgomery County maintains a large staff presence in the United Way location in The Woodlands, as well as leadership positions on the Board of Trustees. The merge took effect on March 1, 2016 allowing both organizations to move forward as ONE.


2015:  This year, MCUW celebrates sixty years of building stronger communities in Montgomery County!  View the video HERE that we have compiled to how our appreciation for this fantastic community!


2013:  Began pilot “United Way of the Piney Woods” as a DBA for Montogmery County United Way to serve Walker, Liberty, Polk, Trinity, San Jacinto and Houston Counties when the United Way serving those areas lost their 501c3. 


2013:  Added the Community Listening project in 2011 to reach out to, listen to, and engage a wide spectrum of people from across the county to better address key community issues.  The 2012 initial report highlighting four important themes and a follow up process dug deeper into those themes and what was included in them. The emerging overarching theme is that people want to help people who truly want to change their lives and those in at the lower end of the income spectrum truly wants lives that are self sustaining. A deeper dive nto the themes was produced in 2014.


2013:  The three Community Impact Councils launched various long range strategies to address the most challenging issues in the county:

  • Education Impact Council:  Community Level Goal:  In Montgomery County, By 2020, increase the percentage of students who enroll in education and/or job training after completing high school or equivalent.

  • Financial Independence Impact Council:  Community Level Goal:  In Montgomery County, reduce the rate of financially unstable households by a minimum of 20% by 2020. 

  • Health & Wellness Impact Council: Community Level Goal:  Increase the number of residents in Montgomery County living at a healthy weight by 10% by 2020. 


2012: MCUW annual campaign raised over $5 million dollars.


2011: MCUW began evolving further to an organization focused on addressing large, important community issues through partnerships, collaborations, strategic and targeted funding based on strategy maps and the Spectrum of Prevention.


2010: MCUW’s annual campaign raised over $4.5 million dollars during a difficult national economy.



2009: Due to the tremendous growth in the Hispanic population, MCUW has developed the Hispanic Outreach Program in order to address the educational, health and financial needs of this community, engaging the Hispanic community in volunteer opportunities and to assist other nonprofit organizations to better serve the Hispanic community as well. Since April 2015, Hispanic Outreach Professional Enrichment (HOPE) meetings have been held at the MCUW corporate office.  HOPE meetings provide its members with a great networking opportunity as well as the ability to identify the most pressing needs in the Hispanic Community.


2006:  MCUW annual campaign raised over $3 million dollars.


2004: MCUW hired a Hispanic Outreach Coordinator to improve the link between Spanish-speaking population and local health and human services.


2004:  Research and an analysis of statistical trends related to the residents of Montgomery County resulted in the development of the Community Report Card and the 2004 and 2008 Community Priorities Reports.  The model for Strategic Investments shifted to funding programs that targeted the critical issues identity by quanititative research.  Outcomes and indicators demonstrating results of the program became required funding criteria.


2003:  Residents of Bentwater on Lake Conroe organized a Bentwater United Way Leadership Committee to create a model for community participation.


2000: Beginning with Tropical Storm Allison and continuing through Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ike, MCUW collaborated with local non-profits, faith based communities and government to respond to residents’ immediate needs and assist in their long term recovery efforts. MCUW managed local donations and grants targeting recovery efforts within Montgomery and Liberty County.


2000: The MCUW Family Resource Center opened on West Davis in Conroe.



1999:  MCUW campaign raised over two million dollars for the first time.


1999:  MCUW awarded first Venture Grants.


1998: Official name change from Montgomery County United Fund to Montgomery County United Way.


1998:  UWGH negated all partnership and funding agreements with MCUF.


1996:  After a year of discussions with the UWGH volutneers and staff, MCUF Board of Directors voted to remain an autonomous and independent United Way separate from the UWGH.


1993: MCUF campaign raised over one million dollars for the first time.



1989:  MCUF assumed responsibility of and expanded local Information and Referral Service.


1987:  MCUF closed Conroe Administrative and Service Center Offices and consolidated them with expanded South County Service Center.


1981: MCUF opened first South Montgomery County Service Center in The Woodlands.



1979:  The MCUF office opened in Conroe.


1975: MCUF and the United Fund of Houston & Harris County (now the United Way of Greater Houston - UWGH) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding.



1955: Conroe Business community incorporated Montgomery County United Fund (MCUF) as a non-profit. MCUF conducted first community-wide campaign run by community volunteers.