Health & Wellness

Montgomery County United Way empowers Montgomery County residents to make healthy choices for themselves and their families. Montgomery County United Way’s Healthy Living Alliance aims to increase the number of residents living at a healthy weight by 10 percent by 2020. The Healthy Living Alliance partners with schools, workplaces and the community to encourage healthy living.
Last year alone, more than 1,600 people benefitted from Montgomery County United Way's health and wellness programs.
In 2015, United Way’s Healthy Me initiative awarded grants to five elementary schools in Conroe and Willis ISDs to teach kids about making healthy choices and the importance of being active. Last year, Healthy Me helped 929 young people live healthy lives.
5210 is United Way’s easy-to-remember message about the importance of physical activity and healthy eating. United Way is working in schools and workplaces to get people to adopt healthy lifestyles by eating five or more fruits and vegetables, spending two hours or less on recreational screen time,
Workplace Wellness is tackling obesity in Montgomery County by educating and supporting small businesses and their employees on the benefits of living healthy by focusing on nutrition, physical activity and health literacy. In 2015, individuals at five workplaces participated in Workplace Wellness activities like weekly group exercise, nutrition and general health education, and health screenings.
Last year, 70% of overweight individuals who participated in Workplace Wellness screenings lost weight.
For more information about United Way's Health and Wellness programs, contact:
Sydney Zlober for Health and Wellness or 832-330-6485
Jodie Schrier for Workplace Wellness or 281-292-4155, ext 219