Corporate Recognition

Mitchell Energy & Development Corporation Heritage Award

This award signifies a company's lifetime achievement in our community through their efforts with Montgomery County United way. The Heritage Award honors the legacy of George Mitchell and the employees of the Mitchell Energy and Development Company. The award is given annually to one company that has met or exceeded all of the following criteria:



Has conducted a Corporate
Campaign for 10 or more years

Per capita giving is
$150 or larger

Strategic Investment Process
for 3 or more years

Has contributed a corporate
gift for 10 or more years

Has participating in Days of
Caring projects for 2 or more years

Employee participation in Workplace
Campaign is 60% or more


2015 Mitchell Energy & Development Corporation Heritage Award Winners




2015 Rising Star Award Winner

This award is presented annually to the company who has demonstrated the largest percent increase in the total number of Leadership Givers during the annual campaign. Donors giving in excess of $1,000 are considered Leadership Givers.


2015 Diamond Award